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Spanish and English Lawyers in Spain

Serving the English speaking international community across Spain
Including Costa de la Luz; Costa del Sol; Murcia; Costa Blanca

Clients like you turn to lawyers when truly professional assistance is needed with issues that really matter; both commercial and personal. So it is especially important that you choose the right law firm. A firm that empathises with you and gets results. In short, a law firm that understands your needs – that speaks your language.

Since 1983 De Cotta McKenna & Santafé (De Cotta Law) has combined a strong legal track record in Andalucia, together with genuine national and international expertise.

Our integrated team of Spanish qualified Abogados and English qualified Solicitors and Barristers makes us amongst the most versatile and experienced law firms on the southern Spanish coast and the Canary Islands.

Private clients look to us when they need to help buy or sell a home or timeshare; or deal with the complexities of a personal injury claim; or sensitive matters such as divorce and child abduction.

It is our combination of genuine local & international knowledge and experience and our skilled lawyers that makes De Cotta Law your reliable and essential partner in Spain and the Canary Islands.

We bridge the gap between cultures and countries with our expert legal counsel and integrated team.

In short, at De Cotta Law, we speak your language.

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decotta legal divisions spain
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